Cardiac Arrest Awareness Week

CPR Training for Schoolchildren 15th. October 2013

National Sports Complex

The aim of the first ‘European Restart a Heart Day’ is to emphasize teaching members of the public how to help restart the  heart  of  a  person who has suffered a cardiac arrest. Multiple cardio  pulmonary  resuscitation (CPR) training  events  are being held throughout most  European  countries  with  the support of their National resuscitation organization.

In line with this pan European effort, the Malta Resuscitation Council (MRC) organised a CPR training event in the National Sports  Complex in Cottonera on the 15th carried out as part of  Cardiac  Arrest  awareness  week  and  was aimed at training of 120 school children all between  the ages of 14 to 16 years and selected from 11 Educational Colleges from Malta and Gozo. 

Training was led by MRC instructors assisted by teachers from the Health  and  Safety Unit from the Department of Education. At  the end of the training session the students were presented with a certificate of attendance and a token gift.