Meeting with the EU Commissioner for Health

Meeting between the Malta Resuscitation Council and Dr. Tonio Borg, 

EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy

Dar l-Ewropa, Valletta

28th. July 2014

Introducing Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation teaching within the National School Curriculum of the Member states of the European Union

A cordial meeting was held between the EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy Dr. Tonio Borg and Dr. Jonathan Joslin, Chairperson and Dr. Anna Spiteri Vice Chairperson representing the Malta Resuscitation Council at Dar l-Ewropa in Valletta, Malta on the 28th. July 2014. The discussion which lasted about 90 minutes mainly focussed on methods of decreasing overall cardiac mortality as a result of Cardiac Arrest through increased community bystander training in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

The most effective way to increase the percentage population of trained BLS providers is to teach Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in schools introducing this   ‘life skill’ within the National School Curriculum of  EU member state countries, where schoolchildren finish their secondary education better prepared to deal with this cardiac emergency and effectively increase the trained pool of pre-hospital responders.

Discussion emphasised that a legislative mandate introduced by the various local governments within all EU Member States would help strengthen the resolve on increasing this required pool of trained bystanders from the younger student generation and would in turn improve mortality in out of hospital cardiac arrest. In line with the ERC policy the Malta Resuscitation Council is committed to raising cardiac awareness through the introduction of Basic Life Support training within the National School Curriculum.

This is the way forwards in saving lives!