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About MRC

The Malta Resuscitation Council is a registered voluntary organisation which since its inception in 2004 has aimed to enhance the education of medical, paramedical and laypersons within the population in effective methods of cardiopulmonary resuscitation

The Malta Resuscitation Council is affiliated to the European Resuscitation Council.

The main aims of the Malta Resuscitation Council are:

1. Promoting teaching of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation according to established guidelines.

2. Emphasising and maintaining recognised standards of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation through training courses.

3. Fostering a National awareness on identifying cardiac illness and thus decrease disability and mortality from cardiac arrest.

Welcome from the Chairperson Prof. Simon Attard Montalto

The Malta Resuscitation Council was first established in 2004 with the primary aim of education via standardised instruction in effective cardiopulmonary resuscitation of medical, paramedical personnel and laypersons. Since its inception, the Malta Resuscitation Council has been affiliated to the European Resuscitation Council and has adopted the ERC’s resuscitation guidelines. It has developed enormously over the past 12 years or so and, to-date, has organised innumerable courses, at various levels, in both adult and children resuscitation. Now a recognised NGO, the MRC remains a non-profit organisation that re-cycles proceeds from its courses into donations and purchasing of more equipment. Indeed, ‘CPR’ is now established in the workplace, schools and public domain through widespread education, instruction and, amongst others, the promotion and purchase of AEDs. This has come about following all the hard work put in by all preceeding committees, and both the MRC committee as well as all its ERC-approved instructors, continue to contribute their time and expertise on an entirely voluntary basis.


After three years of significant achievements in Resuscitation promotion and training at a National level, the previous committee’s term of office has come to an end. The new committee comprises a balance of ‘old timers’ some of whom were founding members of the original committee, as well as some completely new faces with fresh enthusiasm and new ideas. They face the difficult task of maintaining the momentum and initiatives of the previous committee, and pushing CPR training in Malta to a higher level once again. Widening the course portfolio, increasing the number of trained laypersons, encouraging new instructors, utilising the media for promotion and education to greater effect, establishing CPR onto the National School Curriculum and setting up a national Cardiac Arrest Register, are but a few goals already on the agenda or awaiting take off. This ambitious agenda will require great perseverance to reach fruition, but offers a challenge and that the new committee is committed to deliver.

Members of the Council

Dr. Tanya Esposito


Dr. Marius Caruana

Vice Chairperson and P Officer

Dr. Ryan Farrugia

Equipment Officer

Dr. Nicole Zerafa


Dr. Sean Kelly


Ms. Assunta Attard


Prof. Simon Attard Montalto


Dr. Nikita Taliana


Dr. Daniel McKean


Dr. Pierre Agius


Dr. Maureen Bezzina


 National Course Directors

Dr. Nicole Zerafa

Immediate Life Support

Dr. Luana Formosa

Advanced Life Support

Dr. Tanya Esposito

European Paediatric Immediate Life Support

Basic Instructor Course

Ms. Assunta Attard

Basic Life Support

Dr. Anne Marie Camilleri Podesta

Generic Instructor's Course

Dr. Ryan Farrugia

Newborn Life Support

Dr. Marius Caruana

MyMRC Courses

MRC Membership

Since the election of the first MRC, health care professionals from various specialities have joined as members. Membership is simple and involves filling in personal details and your area of speciality on an application form. To get your application forms are available form, please contact:


Ms Oana Caruana Pulpan

MRC Administrator


Malta Resuscitation Council

The  Executive  Committee  of  the  Malta  Resuscitation Council  is  affiliated with the European Resuscitation Council (ERC). The formal signing of the association agreement occurred during the Accident and Emergency Medicine Symposium held on the 20th February 2005. The signatories were Dr. David Zideman, Chairman of the ERC and Dr. Mario Zerafa, on behalf of the MRC.

Dr Mario Zerafa, former President of the MRC (left) signing the Association Agreement with Dr. David Zideman, Chairman of the ERC (right).

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