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CPR training saves lives - Get trained

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

CPR training saves lives - 13.12.2022

The Malta Resuscitation Council (MRC) wishes to congratulate the two RIU police officers for their prompt life-saving skills intervention. This event is a clear example that training in Basic Life Support does save lives.

It follows a string of similarly successful interventions in Gozo, both involving bystander CPR and one also benefitting of the intervention of AFM officers at Gozo Seaport using the AED on-site.

The MRC encourages everyone to be trained in basic life support skills. It is an essential call-of-duty which goes beyond any profession and is within everyone’s grasp to learn. Be the one who matters when you are at the place and at the time when there is the need! Get trained!

Check out the Times of Malta article here.

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