MRC with the Malta Judo Federation

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

In its 50th year since conception, the Malta Judo Federation organized the National Championships and Dragons festival for 2019. The Dragons festival is organized for the young and aspiring judokas and was held at the Malta Judo Federation National Dojo in Pembroke.

The Malta Resuscitation Council (MRC) was invited to give a demonstration of ‘chest compression only’ basic life support, as well as a demonstration on the use of an AED. This was followed by training in ‘Check for response, Call 112, Start chest compressions’  to members for the audience while  the festival was ongoing . Matthew Mintoff and Alex Esposito helped out on this demonstration and training.

At the end of the event Dr. Tanya Esposito, Vice chair of the MRC presented an Automatic External Defibrillator to the president of the Malta Judo Federation, Mr Envic Galea as a donation from the MRC.

The MRC endeavors to create awareness in the population on the benefits in being able to perform CPR, especially in children. This is especially important during sport and the presence of someone versant in CPR with access to an AED access to somebody who knows how to do  CPR  will determine the outcome for  that patient. This was the reason for the donation of this AED .

While wishing the federation many happy returns we hope that this will help ensure added safety at the dojo.

Two hands can save a life!

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