• Marius Caruana

The Malta Resuscitation Council switches on the voltage at the Marsascala football club

The Malta Resuscitation Council, in collaboration with the Marsascala football club, has organized a taster morning in basic life support and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) use for training personnel at the club.

With an AED available at the new and modern Marsascala football ground facilities, the club management encouraged its staff to attend this taster session to increase awareness on how to provide basic life support and safe use of the AED.

A total of thirteen personnel, including coaches and assistants, attended demonstrations and had time to practice on manikins the recognition of cardiac arrest, the provision of effective chest compressions, the delivery of safe defibrillation and the placement of a person in the recovery position. Some already hold valid first aid certificates while others were encouraged to follow up with a full certified course.

The Malta Resuscitation Council encourages all sport facilities to get their personnel trained and certified in the provision of basic life support and remains committed to aid and support all those who show interest.

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